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Matching Game is the traditional matching game where you flip two cards to see if they match
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26 May 2009

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Card games have since long been a key interest area for the gamers worldwide, as these games usually have the tendency to engage people for hours. How about a card game that not only provides fun, but also enhances your memory? If you’re looking for such an interesting game then Matching Game 1.00.01 is for you. It’s a card flipping game that requires you to match similar cards in order to secure points, and it can be played in Easy and Hard mode as preferred by you. The game includes 10 levels with increasing difficulty that would help you providing easy exercise to your brain. Moreover, it can prove wonderful for the kids, as it helps in developing their language art and mathematical aptitude.

Matching Game 1.00.01 opens up with a main screen that shows New Game and Continue options to select from. Selecting to play a new game, you get two game modes Easy and Hard; ‘Easy’ is preferably for kids and you can try your hands on the ‘Hard’ mode. To win the game you need to play and complete all 10 levels with increasing difficulty. When you begin to play the game the cards are placed in front of you, and you need to flip the cards one by one and match two identical cards to make them disappear from the game area. The difficulty increases as the cards get identical objects with different colors to match, which sometimes may confuse the players. Your kids and eve you would enjoy matching toys, balls, dolls, vehicles, animals, etc.

Matching Game 1.00.01 helps kids recognizing various figures and structures, in addition to developing their memorizing power. The game application is justifiably given 3 rating points, for the fact that is rather easy to play and sports intriguing graphics with colorful objects that kids would love to play with.

Publisher's description

Matching Game is the traditional matching game where you flip two cards to see if they match. If they match, they will disappear. Make all the cards disappear to complete a level. Complete 10 levels to win the game! Matching game has two levels of difficulty with an easy level for younger players and a hard level that provides greater challenge for older players. Matching objects helps children build early math and language arts skills by sorting and distinguishing between bright, colorful objects. Pictures included with Matching Game are toys, balls, stuffed animals, and vehicles. Published by Dataware.
Matching Game
Matching Game
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